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A Cycle of Responsibility

Recycling preserves our resources for future generations

The Mittelweser Rückbau & Recycling GmbH combines manual skills and traditional entrepreneurship. The cross-industry gained experience is used to implement sustainable projects in the field of demolition and recycling.

The shareholders are convinced that they can make a positive contribution to society in their own way by realizing projects that are beneficial for both the environment and the local people.

We are constantly in search of new recycling technologies to recycle as much as possible in Germany and keep the value chain within the country. Through this process, we create jobs and reduce emissions. Our service offers a sustainable solution for the disposal of no longer needed plant components and helps to minimize the ecological footprint of wind energy facilities.

Our Services

The decommissioning of wind turbines is an important step in ensuring that renewable energy resources are used sustainably. During the lifespan of a wind turbine, it may be necessary to dismantle and remove it to make way for newer and more efficient technologies or to restore the site. Professional decommissioning of wind turbines requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure safe and efficient dismantling and disposal of all equipment components.

This involves adhering to environmental and occupational safety standards, as well as using environmentally friendly disposal methods. High-quality decommissioning of wind turbines is crucial to minimize the impact on the environment and to ensure that the components are correctly recycled and reused.

Safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient

During dismantling, special techniques and equipment must be used to ensure that the plant is safely dismantled and that the environment is not affected. We are capable of removing all components of the plant, including the tower, rotors, generator, and foundations, and recycling or disposing of them appropriately.

In addition, as a service provider, we also assist in the planning and preparation of the dismantling of a wind turbine. This includes reviewing permits, safety standards, and environmental regulations, as well as creating a detailed dismantling plan. A well-planned dismantling process can improve worker safety and environmental standards while reducing costs and time for dismantling.

Proper and environmentally friendly disposal

Our service for the disposal of wind turbines provides a professional and environmentally-friendly solution for the removal of components that are no longer needed. 

We have specialized knowledge and skills to ensure that all materials, including steel, concrete, plastic, and electrical components, are properly disposed of.

For a cleaner future

Our recycling service for wind turbines provides an efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for reusing no longer needed components of these structures. We specialize particularly in the reuse of generators and have developed specialized techniques to recycle them to enable optimal reuse. Our experienced team ensures that all materials, including steel, copper, and electrical components, are carefully sorted and recycled, with minimal environmental impact.


Sustainable and responsible management of resources


Efficient, safe, and well-thought-out


Professional and environmentally friendly disposal of all components


For a cleaner future

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